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The Hashliens of Hedera

Collectible NFT's Minted on the Hedera Network.

The Hashliens are evolving. Rumour has it the original 2D pixelated Hashliens are morphing into a new form... their new form is known as "Voxliens".

A voxel is a 3 dimensional pixel, which is where the name "Voxlien" comes from. From 2D Hashliens to 3D Voxliens.

Along with the Voxliens come two other new series...

Collectible 3D Trading Cards are fast approaching, along with...

The Glitchin series, which is a rare series of glitched out GEN 1.0 Hashliens. There will 25 unique Glitchin NFT's made, each being a 1-of-1 NFT.

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Coming Soon in Q1 of 2022...

3 brand new series are coming to the Hashliens of Hedera.

Collectible Trading Cards

  • Supply

    • Varies depending on card/mini series ranking and rarity.

    • From 1/1 mints and up.

  • About

    • Collectible trading cards.

    • Certain cards will have utility attached to them, granting the holder perks.

Coming Soon



  • Supply

    • 111 Voxliens will be minted.​

    • 1/1 unique mint for each Voxlien.

  • ​About
    • Holding a Voxlien in your wallet gets you a spot on the whitelist for GEN ZERO.
    • ​Voxliens will be minted as .PNG files.
    • Rarest series released to date from The Hashliens.

Glitchin Series

  • Supply

    • Total supply of 25.

    • All Glitchin NFT's are unique, 1-of-1's.

  • About
    • The Glitch Series is a rare tribute to the original Hashliens, the ones who started it all.​
    • Minted and sold on HashAxis.
    • 7% of all original sales will be donated to charity, which will be chosen by the community and team.
    • 50% of all original sales are being allocated to our "Dev Fund".

Glitchin Fund Allocation

  • Charity (7%) 

    • 373 HBAR

  • Dev Fund (50%)

    • 2664 HBAR



Generation 1.0 is Coming to an End.

Generation 1.0 consists of 12 different pixelated Hashliens.

View the GEN 1.0 Gallery here.


3 Generations Explained

GEN 1.0

  • Art/Style

    • Pixelated 2D PNG images and GIF's.​

    • Full body shot of each Hashlien.

  • Supply

    • 12 different Hashliens total.​

    • 10 of these Hashliens are standard edition Hashliens with 50 mints each.

    • 2 of the 12 are special edition Hashliens with 25 mints each.

  • Perks/Utility

    • Holding a Special Edition Hashlien grants you a WL mint slot for the Voxlien series.

      • 1 Special Hashlien in your wallet = 1 WL mint slot. 2 Specials = 2 WL mint slots etc.

    • Each special edition Hashlien, along with the "OG" Hashlien, come with a claimable airdrop.​

    • Full set holders of all 12 GEN 1.0 Hashliens will be able to mint 2 GEN ZERO Hashliens for free.

    • Holders of special edition Hashliens will be guaranteed a spot on the whitelist (WL) for GEN ZERO.

GEN 2.0

  • Series

    • Glitchin Series

    • Voxliens Series

    • Collectible Trading Card Series

  • Supply

    • 25 unique, 1/1 GLITCH NFT's will be minted in the collection.

    • 111 unique Voxlien's will be minted.

    • Trading Card series mint supply TBA.

  • Perks/Utility

    • Holding a Voxlien in your wallet is one way of getting on the whitelist for the future large mint generation, GEN ZERO.

      • 1 Voxlien = 1 WL mint slot.​

    • Collectible Trading Card series will have specific perks/benefits assigned to individual cards.

    • The Glitchin series is purely for bragging rights at the moment. It is possible future utility/benefits will be added for holders of the Glitchin series, however at the moment that has not been decided upon.


  • Generative Series

    • Large 1/1 mint series with rarity traits.

    • 3D generative series.

    • Exact details are currently being discussed between the team, and will be presented to the community when finalized.


PHASE 1 - Q4 2021

  • The Beginning...

    • Launch the official Hashliens Twitter page.

    • Reveal GEN 1.0 to the world.

    • Expand community reach to Discord.

    • Release roadmap V 1.0.

    • Launch the official Hashliens website.

    • Reveal perks for early adopters.

    • Release all 12 First Generation pixelated Hashliens.

PHASE 2 - Q1 2022

  • Space Race Initiated...

    • Distribute claimable airdrops for holders/members.

    • Release the Voxliens series.

    • Release Collectible Trading Card series.

    • Release Glitchin series.

    • Launch collaborations.

    • Explore Metaverse options for The Hashliens to come to life in.

    • Launch physical Hashlien sticker/merch sale page.

    • Find a suitable charity to donate percentage of sales to.

PHASE 3 - Q2 2022

  • Hello Metaworld...

    • Whitelist for GEN ZERO

    • Release GEN ZERO (3D Generative Series with rarity traits).

    • Integrate into the Metaverse.

Roadmap V 1.01


The Team


Brody or "Bobo" is the creator and main artist for "The Hashliens of Hedera".

Bobo is a passionate entrepreneur who has a love for all things crypto, especially when it comes to Hedera Hashgraph.

He was born and raised in BC, Canada, and still resides there to this date.

"I have a strong love for creating unique, fun, out of this world artwork - which is where the idea for The Hashliens came from. 

I wanted to make this project different than the average NFT project - both on the artwork side of things and the overall structure. Which is why I have chosen to go down the route of creating multiple different generations, and different series inside of each generation.

Switching up the artwork was also a very important decision for me. Rather than doing one big mint of the same styled artwork, and then that being the whole project, I decided to do smaller mints with different artwork running throughout the project."



The Blender wizard.

Tatum is an engineering graphics technician by day, and a creative genius by night.

Tatum joined The Hashliens in December of 2021, and is working hard at creating the 3D Collectible Trading Card Series.

His experience working as an engineering graphics technician allows him to bring a new level of greatness to The Hashliens that wasn't achievable before.

Tatum is a newcomer to the NFT space, yet he has shown an immense interest, understanding, and fascination towards this exciting digital world.